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The Tribunal is an independent Statutory Authority established to review the salaries, allowances and entitlements of members and former members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly and the entitlements of cross bench members to additional staffing and make determinations about these matters.

The Tribunal must make a remuneration determination regarding allowances and entitlements within one year of the previous remuneration determination (excluding salary). 

The Tribunal can only make a remuneration determination about a Member’s salary entitlement once a public service salary decision has been made and the Tribunal is required to make the determination within 90 days after this decision. 

An additional staff member determination must be made within three months of the day the Legislative Assembly is next summoned, or if a person becomes, or ceases to be, a cross bench member during the term of the Assembly – the day the person becomes or ceases to be a cross bench member, or at the Tribunal’s discretion.

Read all Determinations made by the Tribunal.

Last updated:
23 February, 2021
Last reviewed:
23 February, 2021